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At Finc IT we specialise in implementing and supporting IT systems and hardware. We tailor, install and provide support services for a variety of networks, in a number of different environments. In each instance meeting our clients every every need.

We focus on helping management in growing companies, and understand the dilemmas they face and the speed at which real results are needed. Capability is often restrained by inefficient IT and business systems, placing a great strain on growing companies. We take large complex systems and make them easy to understand and implement in any environment. Giving SME's access to the expertise that ordinarily only large organisations have access to.

Managed IT Support

Choose a customised level of support that is tailored to your businesses needs. We actively monitor and pro-actively maintain your systems to ensure a constant level of productivity from your systems. More about IT Support »

Online Backup

Online backup solutions, back up your data to the cloud and does so without the need for you to do anything more than install the software and decide what you want to back up. More about Online Backup »

Web Design / Strategy

Enhance your web presence! From conception to realisation of Websites, Social Media, eMarketing and eCommerce.


Get the software that fits your business process needs. We will even create a bespoke software package for you if it does not exist in the market. More about Software »

Hosted Solutions

Need to be able to work from anywhere? We can help do choose and implement the right hosted solutions for your business from Communications, Accounting, CRM to custom built solutions.


We focus on supplying the right hardware to our clients during their growth cycles. We supply hardware on all levels of the network and have the expertise to install and configure them. More about Hardware »


We specialise in relocating IT equipment, especially moving servers and relocating PCs. Project Management, Labour and Transport Supply.

Anti-Virus and Network Security

Don't wait until a virus or network breach brings your systems to a halt. By implementing procedures and software you can ensure the security of you network.

What our Clients Say

“I would have no problem recommending Finc IT on to any business as the service and advice I have received from them has been nothing less than the best”

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